This project is a continuation of my exploration of post-violence-societies that began in earnest but quickly adapted itself to my, then, Judaic studies combined with the central thesis that the ages-old argument on the necessity and inevitability of violence are only masses of constructed delusion. Violence is not inevitable. Violence is not necessary.

Initially, this projection was prepared to be reflected in three equal sections

  • 1.) a longform poem in the reflection of the experience of anti-violence scholarship
  • 2.) the thorough and extended section of examining post-violence from the perspective of Jewish studies
  • 3.) what we have come to here, a secular reformatting of the extended study of post-violence, non-violence, and anti-violence scholarship

Anti-violence scholarship is a bit like frontier medicine. While there are extended publications on the entities of violence and non-violence, there are relative few thoughts in these commentaries that spare a thought for a post-violence world.

I do say post-violence instead of post-violent for a reason. Post-violent is the cessation of a violent act or instance, but that does not imply the complete cessation of violence itself. Post-violence means to extend this recovery field with a wide capture of being past violence itself.

The newly conceived exertion of this project is far more secular in form and theory and carries with it a weight of careful preparedness that seeks to unveil the ramifications of violence in a manner intended to shed light on how, why, and just how possible a post-violence world is.

You may learn a little more about me at richardjtilley.com. I published a collection of poetry, After Marriage: Poems In and Out of Disunion. This project, this study on post-violence, is in a way a continuation of my (poorly proof-read) book, Provoking God: Sacred Hope, Social Justice, and the Hebrew Bible, though its purpose was meting out towards a very different direction. Provoking God is an extension and revision of my master’s thesis at Johns Hopkins.

Contact: richard -at- richardjtilley.com